Quick answer: How to get coordinates in autocad?

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To show the panel, click the View tab then, right-click to the side of the available panels and click Show Panels > Coordinates. The Coordinates panel will be displayed. To set the coordinate system to World from the Ribbon Home tab > UCS panel, click the World button.

You asked, how do I get easting and northing coordinates in AutoCAD?

  1. Select the “Home” tab and choose the “Draw” panel. Video of the Day.
  2. Choose the “Line” drop down option. Click “Create Line By Northing/Easting.” The button is marked with a line and a grid icon.
  3. Enter the “northing” value. Press “Enter” then type the the “easting” value.

Also know, how do I give XY coordinates in AutoCAD? From the Insert Tab > Block Panel select the Insert Tool and from the Block Gallery choose XY COORDINATE SYMBOL. 22. Place a couple of these blocks and each time the Edit Attributes Dialog Box appears select OK to accept the default values.

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