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You asked: Autocad heavy file how to reduce the size in seconds?

If your question is You asked: Autocad heavy file how to reduce the size in seconds?, our CAD-Elearning.com site has the answer for you. Thanks to our various and numerous AutoCAD tutorials offered for free, the use of software like AutoCAD becomes easier and more pleasant.
Indeed AutoCAD tutorials are numerous in the site and allow to create coherent designs. All engineers should be able to meet the changing design requirements with the suite of tools. This will help you understand how AutoCAD is constantly modifying its solutions to include new features to have better performance, more efficient processes to the platform.
And here is the answer to your You asked: Autocad heavy file how to reduce the size in seconds? question, read on.


  1. Detach all unneeded xref files using the XREF command.
  2. Select all objects in a drawing and enter the OVERKILL command.
  3. Enter the -PURGE command and choose Regapps.
  4. Enter the PURGE command and select all options.
  5. Enter the -SCALELISTEDIT command and reset the scale list.

Subsequently, how can I make a heavy file faster in AutoCAD?

  1. Delete the contents of the Windows TEMP folder. See How to delete temporary files in Windows.
  2. Disable your antivirus program to see if it’s slowing down your AutoCAD software.
  3. Eliminate slow network performance.
  4. If you’re using Windows 7, change the desktop theme to Windows Basic.

Similarly, why is my AutoCAD file so large? DGN Lineweight Another issue that can cause DWG file to increase file size is because DGN linetype issue. This can happen if you work with DWG that contains DGN linetype. There is hotfix available for this issue, and the hotfix also provides clean up utility. You can download DGN hotfix here.

People ask also, how can I make a CAD file faster?

  1. Reduce . DWG file size.
  2. Clean up files.
  3. Convert to . DWG.
  4. Disable strtup programs.
  5. Remove clutter.
  6. Set priority.
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Also, how do I reduce the size of a 3D drawing in AutoCAD?

  1. Export 3D solids to a SAT file using the ACISOUT command.
  2. Delete all 3D solids and import them again using the ACISIN command.
  3. If AutoCAD Mechanical is available, use STEPOUT and STEPIN instead (layer and colors are better preserved).

Try to improve graphics performance Complex drawings make extensive use of the graphics engine in AutoCAD, sometimes resulting in poor performance. Try to improve performance by updating video drivers and enabling or disabling certain settings in AutoCAD (like graphical hardware acceleration, for example).

Why is CAD so slow?

Sometimes slow performance of your software is due to a problematic CAD file. You can remove unused elements from the CAD file using PURGE command to make it less bulky or you can also use AUDIT command to make it free from errors.

How do I clean up a CAD file?

Items can be purged individually by right-clicking on the object in the list and choosing purge. To quickly clean out a drawing, simply choose the Purge All option to remove every item available to purge in one click.

How do I reduce a block size in AutoCAD?

How to scale down in AutoCAD – Window select the object(s) in AutoCAD, type SCALE, and then specify a number between 0 and 1. Hit Enter. The size of the object(s) will SCALE DOWN by that factor.

How big is the average CAD file?

Large CAD files are all too common for a large percentage of designers and engineers. We typically receive a few calls each week from customers and prospects who are wrestling with CAD parts and assemblies that are anywhere from 50MB to 1.5GB.

How do I speed up a slow CAD file?

  1. Open the drawing file.
  2. Audit and fix any errors: Type AUDIT at the command line. Type “Y” for Yes to fix any errors, then Enter.
  3. Remove unused named objects from the drawing: Type -PURGE at the command line.
  4. Purge Registered Applications (from the command line): Type -PURGE.
  5. Save the drawing.
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Why does AutoCAD freeze so much?

Causes: Missing AutoCAD updates. Outdated graphics card driver. Too many temporary files.

How do I reduce the size of a STEP file?

  1. encase the cad model in a simple cube. After transferring, delete the cube.
  2. Zip, rar, or otherwise compress the file.
  3. Span the file across multiple smaller files (zip and rar support spanning)
  4. Create a 2D drawing and send it as a small PDF file.

How do I reduce the size of a DWF file?

Solution. To decrease the size of the DWF™ file, adjust the DPI that is used for the embedded images in the DWF printer driver.

How do I reduce the size of a DXF file in AutoCAD?

  1. File size can be reduced if unused blocks and objects are removed from the DWG (see How to reduce the size of a DWG file in AutoCAD).
  2. If no unused elements are still present in the source DWG, it may not be possible to further decrease the file size.

How do I allocate more RAM to AutoCAD?

You may try setting “High Priority” to the application so that the application gets first preference while the RAM memory is allocated and the speed is increased by 2 times. Open Task Manager >> Process Tab >> Right click on the process of AutoCAD application >> Set Priority >> Select the priority of your choice.

How do I turn off hardware acceleration in AutoCAD?

Enter the 3DCONFIG command and click the Hardware Configuration button. Enter the OPTIONS command or choose it from the Application menu to open the Options dialog box. On the System tab, click the Graphics Performance button. Then click the Hardware Acceleration button to turn it off or on.

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Can you reduce AutoCAD file size?

Enter the -SCALELISTEDIT command and reset the scale list. Enter the FILTERS command and delete layer filters. Use SAVEAS to save a new file or save overtop of the original.

What is cleanup drawing?

Clean-up. Clean-up is a part of the workflow in the production of hand-drawn animation, in which “clean” versions of the “rough” animation drawings are produced. The first drawings are called “roughs” or “rough animation” because they are often done in a very loose fashion.

What is purge AutoCAD?

PURGE (Command) – Removes unused items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing. -PURGE (Command) – Removes unused named objects, such as block definitions and layers from the drawing (available from the command line only).

How do you scale down?

Bottom line:

I sincerely hope that this article has provided you with all of the You asked: Autocad heavy file how to reduce the size in seconds? information that you require. If you have any further queries regarding AutoCAD software, please explore our CAD-Elearning.com site, where you will discover various AutoCAD tutorials answers. Thank you for your time. If this isn’t the case, please don’t be hesitant about letting me know in the comments below or on the contact page.

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  • How big is the average CAD file?
  • Why does AutoCAD freeze so much?
  • How do I reduce the size of a STEP file?
  • How do I reduce the size of a DWF file?
  • How do I reduce the size of a DXF file in AutoCAD?
  • How do I allocate more RAM to AutoCAD?
  • What is cleanup drawing?
  • How do you scale down?

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