How to sell learning app?

How to sell learning app? – The answer is in this article! Finding the right E-Learning tutorials and even more, for free, is not easy on the internet, that’s why our CAD-Elearning.com site was created to offer you the best answers to your questions about E-Learning software.
Millions of engineers and designers in tens of thousands of companies use E-Learning. It is one of the most widely used design and engineering programs. It is used by many different professions and companies around the world because of its wide range of features and excellent functionality.
And here is the answer to your How to sell learning app? question, read on.


  1. Create A Brand Identity And A Byline. Nothing sells like a shared identity that makes it easy for people to refer to and talk about.
  2. Get To Know Your Audience.
  3. Create A Campaign.
  4. Continue the Campaign Trail.

Also know, how do I start a learning app?

  1. Know Your Audience. The very first thing you have to do is to clearly define your target audience.
  2. Define Your Mission.
  3. Choose The Learning Format.
  4. Devise A Marketing Strategy.
  5. Create A Technical Specification.
  6. Select Your Developer.
  7. Test The App After The Launch.

Subsequently, which app is best for eLearning?

  1. Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a powerful and easy to use web app for seamlessly organizing the daily activities of students.
  2. Kahoot.
  3. Zoom Education.
  4. Seesaw.
  5. Photomath.
  6. Socrative.
  7. Edmodo.
  8. Scratch.

Amazingly, how do I sell Byjus app to parents? Look for the need of the Parent and Student. Generate need, also convince the need to the parent. Tell them how you ll fulfill their need through Byju’s product. and Wallah! the sale will happen.

Best answer for this question, are online courses profitable? Are Online Courses Profitable? Yes, they are. Online courses offer one of the best business models to digital entrepreneurs. The demand is rising and people are more than willing to pay for them, and they are one of the top ways to make money online.

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How can I make an educational app for free?

  1. Name & logo. Choose a template, or a blank app and set the name and icons to create your app.
  2. Set Features. Select features that suits best your university or school app needs.
  3. Publish.

How do I start an e learning platform?

  1. Identify Target Audience.
  2. Decide the Core Content for your eLearning Business.
  3. Create Lessons & Courses.
  4. Choose an eLearning Platform.
  5. Price Your Courses.
  6. Promote your eLearning Business.

How do I create an online course app?

  1. Choose a Theme for your app.
  2. Build your app Home page.
  3. Build your Navigation Menu of your app.
  4. Add your Content to your online courses app.
  5. Design your Launch Screen and App Icon.
  6. Test and publish your eLearning app.

What is the No 1 learning app?

  1. BYJU’s. On top of our list is BYJU’s – arguably the most popular online learning app in India.
  2. Unacademy. The next online education app in India worth looking at is Unacademy.
  3. Vedantu.
  4. Toppr.
  5. Doubtnut.

Which learning app is free of cost?

  1. Coursera. One of the world’s best-known online learning resources, Coursera has several thousand courses from leading educational providers.
  2. Khan Academy.
  3. edX.
  4. FutureLearn.
  5. OpenLearn.
  6. SoloLearn.
  7. Codecademy.
  8. Udemy.

Which study app is free of cost?

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Best Free: My Study Life My Study Life is a free app available for the iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the web. With the My Study Life app, you can store information about your homework, exams and classes on the cloud and manage them anywhere from any device.

How do you sell a pen in BYJU’s interview?

Why is BYJU so successful?

BYJU’s – the Learning app was launched in the year 2015 and has been a huge success. It is used by more than 15 million students all over the world and has 9,00,000 paid subscribers. The app helps the students to learn on their own rather than rely on spoon-feeding.

Who are the customers of BYJUs?

The customer segments include students, parents, teachers and other competitive exams. Channels are through which the company provides its service to the customers. BYJUs channels its content from YouTube, Facebook page, web, and mobile app.

What online courses can I sell?

  1. Udemy for launching your first course.
  2. Skillshare for teaching creative skills.
  3. Teachable for creating an online school with advanced marketing.
  4. Podia for selling digital products and memberships.
  5. Thinkific for building a course from scratch.

How do online tutorials make money?

How much money can I make selling online courses?

Your online course could earn anywhere from a $0 – $50k+ per month. Many course creators will earn $1 – 5k/month and there are numerous examples of online course teachers earning $10k – $50k per month.. There are lots of factors that will determine how much you can earn by selling online courses.

How do education apps make money?

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Advertisements. Advertising is one of the most sought-after ways to monetize an educational app. With most relevant businesses looking to build a brand name, giving them visibility on your educational app’s screen will make for constant money inflow. This can be done with the help of affiliate marketing.

Can we create app without coding?

Learning to code isn’t necessary for app development. Anyone can build an app without coding. All you need to do is find the right app builder to accommodate your needs. Then it’s just a matter of learning to use that platform, adding your features, and customizing the look and feel of the app with your own branding.

How do I code an app?

  1. Get the Android app development tools you’ll need. To begin, set up your development environment so that your PC is prepared to meet your Android development objectives.
  2. Choose between Java and Kotlin for app coding.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the files.
  4. Create your own Android app.


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  • Which study app is free of cost?
  • How do you sell a pen in BYJU’s interview?
  • Why is BYJU so successful?
  • Who are the customers of BYJUs?
  • What online courses can I sell?
  • How do education apps make money?

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